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Applying false lashes in a salon


Lash extensions are classified as a form of semi-permanent of make-up. Lash extensions will hold up for an average of 2-3 weeks before requiring a fill.


Classic Lashes

One synthetic lash extension applied to a natural lash. This simulates the look of wearing mascara without actually wearing it. Full Set $75 Fill $45

Hybrid Lashes (Signature Set)

A combination of both classic and volume lashes creating texture. This simulates the look of having naturally full lashes and replacing both mascara and eyeliner. Full set $95 Fill $55

Volume Lashes

Two or more synthetic lash extensions applied to a natural lash. Depending on your natural lash anatomy this can create a natural to dramatic effect. Full Set $135 Fill $95

Mini Touch Up

A one hour lash application appointment. Applying as many lash extensions to natural lashes within an hour to add fullness and length to what you already have. Cost $45

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