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What if I told you, you could snooze and NOT lose?

Recharge your energy whether it is a lash nap, reiki session or deep pore facial. Lash extensions which are great for any woman who wants to reduce the amount of time it takes to get ready in the mornings. Or are you someone that suffers from restless sleep? Reiki has helped some clients sleep more soundly and reduce stress overall! What about obtaining that youthful glow? Stop hearing comments; 'You look tired' whether it was a late night or not.

Complimentary consult with any service. 

Meet Ayla

It all started in 2015, impressed with how put together lash extensions made her look and how easy it was to get ready in the morning she was hooked.


 As her life grew and got busier, she needed a way to unwind. This was when reiki was introduced. She received reiki treatments in hopes of relaxing and reducing stress which is what she received and so much more!

Trying to navigate through the hormonal imbalances of childbirth and their after affects as well as combat aging Ayla has sought out many skincare and facial treatments. 

Ayla is a multi-passionate individual who is obsessed with learning and sharing her services to make life all that much better for others.

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